Brabant Street 107 Box 18 1030 Brussels.
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Gold and silver articles (ring, necklace, earring...)

Rue de Brabant 201

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Shoes for woman / man, handbags for woman

Rue de Brabant 199

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Shoes man / woman and child, woman handbag

Rue de Brabant 193

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Taverne Anglaise

Coffee Bar

Rue de Brabant 191

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Piano shoes

Shoes man / woman, woman handbag

rue de brabant 252

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Snack Ilker

Durum pita snack, sandwich, main course, ... (Turkish specialties)

Rue de Brabant 143

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Shoe man / woman, woman handbag

Rue de Brabant 185

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Traditional book, history, culture, argan oil, incense

Rue de Brabant 135

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Shoes for woman, woman handbag

Rue de Brabant 137

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Umut S.C

Carpets, gift items, household item, games

Rue de Brabant 179

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Women's shoes, women's handbag and costume jewelry

Rue de Brabant 177

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La Maison Arabe

Decorative oriental items for house, chicha, copper and silver

Rue de Brabant 139

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grocery, gift items, dried fruits

Rue de Brabant 173

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One Seventy One

Women's handbag and shoes

Rue de Brabant 171

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Kaftan, shoes, fabrics, scarves, dresses betrothal / marriages

Rue de Brabant 167

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Miss Mode

Shop selling fashion accessories, jewelry, lingerie

Rue de Brabant 165

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Interior decoratie, lusters, table cloths

Rue de Brabant 161

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By Durmaz

Textiles men (jeans, clothing and classic sports, ...)

Rue de Brabant 268

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Les Pyramides

Snacks (fish, red meat, chicken ...)

Rue de Brabant 159

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Ergen bijouterie

Gold, zilver : sales, repair ; watches, ...

Rue de Brabant 254-256

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Shoes and handbags for women

Rue de Brabant 153

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Gold and silver jewelery, rings, watches buying and selling

Rue de Brabant 141

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AMS Electro

Appliances, TV, Video, HiFi, Fridge, washing machine, dryer, ...

Rue de Brabant 242

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household appliances (TV, Radio, Fridge) interor decoration, auto accessories, bike, moto

Rue de brabant 258-260

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Miss Elegance

Dresses Oriental, high couture

Rue de Brabant 266

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Tissu Design

Curtains, textiles, clothing

Rue de Brabant 147

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Women's clothing (shirt, pants, dress, sweater,...)

Rue de Brabant 264

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Bakery (Belgian, Moroccan)

Rue de Brabant 145

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General food, spices, dried fruits, drinks, olive and argan oil, interior design, ....

Rue de Brabant 248-250

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Global Trade Company

Shoes man / woman, costume jewelry, handbags for women, bag, scarf,...

Rue de Brabant 131

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Urban Foods

Halal fast food

Rue de Brabant 244

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Tassi Cop

Women's clothing (shirt, pants fashion)

Rue de Brabant 129

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Eastern specialties dresses wedding, christening, betrothal, headscarf, kaftan

Rue de Brabant 127

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Menswear, shirts and pants classic brands

Rue de Brabant 240

details →


Clothing current mode ...

Rue de Brabant 238

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Bursa Soft Goods

Selling curtains, draperies, curtains, ...

Rue de Brabant 236

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Sale of Egyptian cd, crafts for home decoration

Rue de Brabant 125

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Garil sprl

Gifts, dried fruits, spices

Rue de Brabant 234

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Anfa 123

General food, Oriental specialty dishes,crockery for home

Rue de Brabant 123

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Palais du Tissu

Salon East

Rue de Brabant 121

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Shoe Discount

Shoes man / woman and child, mixed clothing

Rue de Brabant 117-119

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Arabic music, cd, vcd, chicha

Rue de Brabant 230

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H.G.T sprl


Rue de Brabant 115

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Specialty fabrics for chair, chair frame oriental scarf

Rue de Brabant 113

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Fashion Brabant

Leather, jewelry, wholesale and retail

Rue de Brabant 109

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Beauty Girls

Perfumery & cosmetics, costume jewelery, leather goods

Rue de Brabant 228

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Haci Baba

Snack, döner, kebap

Rue Quatrecht 36

details →

Murat Market

General food (fruits, vegetables)

Rue Quatrecht 45

details →


Oriental fabric, kaftan, baptism, ...

Rue de Brabant 226

details →


Sandwich, durum, fried takeaway, flat grill, Bicky, Turkish specialties, doner kebap

Rue Quatrecht 43

details →

Prix bas

Man clothing at reduced prices

Rue de Brabant 224

details →

Marche à Suivre

Shoes man / woman and child

Rue de Brabant 95

details →

Ceylan Import Export

Gift items, interior decoration, lusters, ...

Rue de Brabant 222

details →


Women's clothing, evening dresses

details →

KS Olympic

Gold, silver : buying and selling Gold, silver : repair, creation (watch, necklace, ...)

Rue de Brabant 220 A

details →


Women's clothing (sweater, shirt, evening dresses) costume jewelry

Rue de Brabant 91

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Rue de Brabant 87

details →

Mine d'Or

Jewelry, buying and selling gold, wholesale and retail trade, repair

Rue de Brabant 85

details →

La montagne

Greek coffee

Rue de Brabant 220

details →

Bijouterie Hosman

Jewelry, buying and selling gold, wholesale and retail trade, repair

Rue de Brabant 83

details →

Golden Eyes

Gold, silver, gold buying and selling, repair, creation (watch, necklace, ...)

Rue de Brabant 218

details →

Pretty Women

Cosmetics, beauty care and body care

Rue de Brabant 216

details →

Cemil Impex

Clothing for babies 0-2 years

Rue de Brabant 81

details →

Cado Décor

Giftware, digital clock, perfume without alcohol

Rue de Brabant 79

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Beauty Full sprl

Body care

Rue de Brabant 214 à l'étage

details →


Woman and child clothing, evening dresses

Rue de Brabant 75

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Beauty Full sprl

Shampoo, perfume, makeup, cosmetics, jewelry

rue de brabant 214

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Tuyoglu sprl

bazaar, gift items, home décor, luggage, carpet

Rue de Brabant 77

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Doha Trading

Shoes man / woman, man shirt, women's handbag, clothing man / woman, leather, ...

Rue de Brabant 212

details →


Selling Islamic books and interior decoration

Rue de Brabant 73

details →

Kapo Moda

Women's clothing fashion fashion (sweater, pants, t-shirt)

Rue de Brabant 71

details →

Dar al Mahdi

Islamic bookstore, cd, alcohol-free perfume, dvd, mp3, ...

Rue de Brabant 210

details →

Prestige Beaute

Perfume man / woman, cosmetic, makeup

Rue de Brabant 69

details →


Oriental fabric, kaftan

Rue de Brabant 208

details →

Le Bienvenu

Snack (fish, fries, sandwich)

Rue de Brabant 67

details →


Shoes man / woman, scarf, handbag for women

Rue de Brabant 65

details →


Evening dress, engagement, christening

Rue de Brabant 61

details →


Tobacco, alcohol, general food

Rue de Brabant 59

details →


Wedding and evening dresses, women's clothing (jacket, shirt, sweater...)

Rue de Brabant 57

details →

RM Mode

Shoe man / woman, woman handbag

Rue de Brabant 55

details →

H.M Gourmandise

Snack, restaurant (sandwiches, small restauration)

Rue Allard 3

details →

Euronord Trading

Bazaar grocery (dry fruits, argan oil, spices ...)

Rue de Brabant 49

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Snack (sandwiches, dürüm, kebap, friets, ...)

Rue de Brabant 47

details →

Den bureau

Coffee, alcohol, soft

Rue de Brabant 45

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Rêve d'orient

Music Store (cd oriental interior design oriental shisha)

Rue de Brabant 41

details →


Djellaba, kaftan, oriental fabrics, Christening, Engagement, making

Rue de Brabant 39

details →


Islamic books, cosmetics for women

Rue de Brabant 35

details →

Kid's Corner

Baby clothing 1-3 years

Rue de Brabant 33

details →

Midelco sprl

Moroccan living room, upholstery

Rue de Brabant 206

details →

Dallia sprl

Handbag for women, leather goods, costume jewelery

Rue de Brabant 204

details →


Children's wear

Rue de Brabant 202

details →


Women's clothing

Rue de Brabant 200

details →


Upholstery, oriental lounge, mattress, custom foam, fabric, curtains, ...

Rue de Brabant 198

details →


Scarf, belt for woman, jacket, sweater, pants, ...

Rue de Brabant 196

details →


Oriental fabric, curtains, draperies, clothing

Rue de Brabant 192

details →


Oriental fabric, curtains, draperies, clothing

Rue de Brabant 190

details →


Oriental fabric

Rue de Brabant 188

details →

Dm Sat sprl

gsm, gps, tv, digital satellite dishes, wholesale retail, ..

rue de brabant 186

details →


Clothes for women

Rue de Brabant 184 A

details →

EL Wallima

Moroccan restaurant

Rue de Brabant 184

details →

Coq d'Or

Meat dishes of beef, mutton, lamb, poultry, meats, roast chicken and epices, ...

Rue de Brabant 182

details →


Seat covers, bed sheets, bed covers, curtains, ...

Rue de Brabant 180

details →

Ikizler SCRL

Carpets, luster, coverage, etc ...

Rue de Brabant 178

details →


Mens / women, handbags for women, fantasy jewelry, dresses Moroccan

Rue de Brabant 176b

details →

Miss Shoes

Women's shoes, handbags for women, costume jewelry,

Rue de Brabant 176a

details →

Top Tissus

Oriental furniture and fabrics

Rue de Brabant 174b

details →

Sea Star

Leather goods

Rue de Brabant 174a

details →


Oriental fabric, furniture making

Rue de Brabant 172

details →


Carpets, household items, suitcases

Rue de Brabant 170

details →


Clothing m / f and child (sweater, pants, shirt, jacket)

Rue de Brabant 168

details →


Cushion, bed cover, curtain, carpet, ...

Rue de Brabant 166

details →

Palais du Mariage

Weddings, baptism, birthdays, sugarplum, wedding's decoration

Rue de Brabant 164

details →

Creation Shoes

Shoes man / woman and child

Rue de Brabant 160

details →


Electronic, satellite, cable decoder, TV

Rue de Brabant 158

details →

Dina Style

Oriental dress for weddings and parties

Rue de Brabant 156

details →

Turkmen sprl

carpet, blanket, curtain, bed cover.

Rue de Brabant 154

details →

Bahia sprl

Household articles, decoration, lusters, mattresses, ....

Rue de Brabant 152

details →

Baber Din

Appliances, GPS, camera, pan, etc. ..

rue de Brabant 150

details →


Gift items, home appliances, Turkish oven specialties.

Rue de Brabant 148

details →

Jet Set

Shoes woman / man, woman handbags, suitcase

Rue de Brabant 140

details →

Msys & Fils

Women's clothes

Rue de Brabant 138

details →


Fashion clothing, dresses, pants, sweater, ...

Rue de Brabant 136

details →

Sprl Hellinckx

Beverages, tobacco, lottery, newspapers, magazines, stationery

Rue de Brabant 134

details →

Alicia Shoes

Shoes woman / man

Rue de Brabant 132

details →

Machaellah & Fils sprl

General food, gift items, spices, Argan oil, interior decoration ...

Rue de Brabant 130

details →


General food, dried fruits, spices, gift items, ...

Rue de Brabant 128

details →


Lusters, gifts, wedding articles, interior decoration, ....

Rue de Brabant 126

details →

World Wide Success

Costume jewelry, lusters, gift items

Rue de Brabant 124

details →

Lg Group

Moroccan wedding dress

Rue de Brabant 122

details →

Stoke City

gift shop

Rue de Brabant 120

details →

Eurotex sprl

Fabrics caftan

Rue de Brabant 118

details →

Turkmen Kardesler

carpet, coverages, bed sheets, ...

Rue de Brabant 116

details →

SC Brabant


Rue de Brabant 114

details →

Bijouterie Rose

Selling diamonds, buying and selling of gold, wholesale and retail

Rue de Brabant 112

details →


Oriental fabric, kaftan, djellaba

Rue de Brabant 110

details →

Super Quartz

batteries, lighter charger for mobile phone and others

Rue de Brabant 108

details →


Articles of home, (lighter, clock, bag, suitcase, children's toy, ...)

Rue de Brabant 106

details →

Boutique Mika

Festive clothes

Rue de Brabant 104

details →

1001 Tapis

rugs, lamps, luggage, seats, interior decorating, Moroccan lounge

Rue de Brabant 102

details →

Cheap House

Women's clothing (shirts, dresses, pants)

Rue de Brabant 100

details →

Madatex aouad

Eastern dresses for wedding and evening

Rue de Brabant 194b-c

details →

Lux Sat

Sale of parabolic antennas, Hi-fi, decoders

Rue de Brabant 43

details →

My Mode

Jewelry, accessories for women, clothing for women

Rue de Brabant 181

details →

Coin du Nord

One of the oldest neighborhood bakery ...

Rue Dupont 2

details →

Sprl Yunak

Import-export fairs, small furniture, bedroom, dining room, interior decoration.

Rue Gallait 30-32

details →

Le Riad Hammam

Sauna bath, steam bath, exfoliation, massage, body

Rue Gallait 29

details →

La Beauté Riad

Hair & Beauty (bun, makeup, shamp, cut, blow dry, Brazilian smoothing, massage with hot stone)

Rue Gallait 27

details →


Footwear, sportswear

Rue Gallait 26

details →

Sarar Interview

Sarar men clothing brand (jeans, shirt, sweater, shoes, clothes, ...)

Rue Gallait 24

details →


General food, Turkish specialties

Rue Gallait 10

details →

Kezban Sprl

Bakery and Turkish specialties

Rue Gallait 6

details →


Speciality Turkish kebab, köfte, sandwiches, takeaway, chicken, meat, bicky, fries, ...

Rue Gallait 4

details →

Boucherie Harun

Halal slaughter with specialities from all nationalities and a wide choice of meats.

Rue Gallait 1

details →


Telecom, mobile, electro, tv, dvd video, multimedia, radio Mp3, satellite, and appliances, art gifts, toys, carpets...

Rue Gallait, 11 à 15

details →

International Electronique

Shop selling gadget, decode, microwave, etc ...

Rue de Brabant 144

details →


Textile woman opportunity

Rue Gallait 9

details →


Giftware, lusterie

Rue de Brabant 23R

details →


Shoes man / woman and child

Rue de Brabant 93A

details →


Supermarket selling fruit, vegetables, spices, etc ...

Rue de Brabant 115

details →

Guler fruit et légumes

Sale of fruits, vegetables, bread, drink, etc. ..

Place Liedts 9

details →

H.B.N. S.P.R.L

Gift items, chandeliers, hangings, bags, home decor

Place Liedts 10

details →


Bet of football, forbidden the minors

Rue Rogier 144

details →


Women's clothing, evening dress

Rue de Brabant 175

details →


jewelry, lingerie, handbags for women, womens, etc ...

Rue de Brabant, 183

details →


Footwear shop selling women and children

Rue de Brabant, 187

details →

Sonic Radio

Selling appliances, TV, GPS, GSM, all types of electronic service prévante, troubleshooting

Place Liedts 11

details →


Electronics, satellite, cable decoder, TV

Rue de Brabant, 158

details →


Shop selling gadget, decode, microwave, etc ...

Rue de Brabant, 166

details →

DM Sat

gsm, gps, tv, digital satellite dishes, wholesale retail ...

Rue de Brabant, 186

details →


Women's clothing, skirt, pants, etc ...

Rue de Brabant 205

details →

Brabant Shop

General food, fruit, vegetables

Rue Dupont 9

details →

Car Wash

car wash

Rue Quatrecht 38

details →



Rue De Brabant 246

details →

Belgopak Traders

Costume jewelry (ring, collier.etc ...)

Rue de Brabant 194a

details →


Jewelry (necklace, watch, ring, etc. ..)

Rue de Brabant 194e-f

details →


Sportsbet, forbidden for minors

Place Liedts 38

details →


Call to everything network, accessories for gsm, ...

Rue de Brabant 93 B

details →


Eastern dresses for sale and rent

Rue de Brabant 194g-h

details →

Hounatex Sprl

Islamic bookstore selling books of Islam, perfume without alcohol, etc ...

Rue de Brabant 194i-j-k-l-m

details →


Clothing for men (jeans, sweater, jacket, t-shirt)

Rue de Brabant 194n

details →


Eastern dresses for sale wedding

Rue de Brabant 194o

details →


Clothing for Women (sweater, t-shirt, pants, skirt, etc ...)

Rue de Brabant 194p

details →

Des Lyres

Costume jewelry necklace ring watch etc,,,

Rue de Brabant 194q

details →

Nur Textile

Clothing for women (pants, skirt, sweater, t-shirt)

Rue de Brabant 194r

details →

Sup Hair Belle

Cut and style hair straightening and Brazilian normal

Rue Rubens 2

details →

Yasmine Sarah

Wedding Dresses and Eastern

Rue Gallait 168

details →

Pala Sprl

Building materials (paint, circuit breaker, socket, cement, sand, etc ...)

Rue Gallait 34

details →

Alliance sport

Clothing brand for men (jeans, leather jacket, shirt and shoes brands)

Rue Gallait 16-18

details →


Turkish specialty (Turkish pizza, Panini)

Rue Gallait 8

details →


Grocery, fruits, vegetables, spices

Rue Gallait, 5

details →


Turkish restaurant snack

Rue Gallait, 3

details →


Payphone, recharge card for Mobile, Fax national and international

Place Liedts, 1

details →


Grocery, selling fruit and vegetables, alcohol, bread, etc ....

Place Liedts, 2

details →


Coffee bar

Place Liedts, 3

details →

Depot Moda

Womens man bag handbag

Place Liedts, 4

details →


Brico (heating, painting, electrical materials)

Place Liedts, 5

details →

Sprl Ersan

Sale of alcohol tobacco newspapers new book

Place Liedts, 6

details →

Au Numéro 7

Women's clothing (sweater, t-shirt, pants, jupe.etc ...)

Place Liedts, 7

details →


Supermarket, grocery

Place Liedts, 8

details →

Elegance Joaillerie

jewelry craft and repair. Buying and selling gold watch, diamond (or repair) shows lotus festina, rodania

Place Liedts 13

details →

Desti Travel

Ticket sales, tour operator specializing in Turkey

Place Liedts 14

details →

Köse travel

Ticket sales in Turkey and other countries

Place Liedts 18

details →

Coiffure Köse

Human hair, specializing in hair style

Place Liedts 18,19A

details →

Emirdag Köftecisi

specialty köfte Turkish dessert Turkish.

Place Liedts 20

details →

Money International

Money transfer to all countries

Place Liedts 21

details →

Etoile Marrakech

Snack bar, restaurant, meat dishes, fish, chicken, durum, oriental specialties

Place Liedts, 22

details →


Women's clothing (sweater, pants, t-shirts, ...)

Place Liedts, 25

details →

Trendy Interior

Giftware, lusterie, home decoration

Place Liedts, 26

details →

Sun Number One

Solarium, beauty care

Place Liedts, 26A

details →

Retouches express

Sewing, cut, skirt, pants, jacket

Place Liedts 26B

details →

Tassi Top

Clothing for women (skirt, sweater, t-shirt, jacket,...)

Place Liedts 28

details →

Mala Polska

Selling fruit, vegetable, polish food

Place Liedts 34

details →

Gold Fish

Restaurant specializing in fish

Place Liedts 35

details →


Confectionery, bakery (cakes, biscuits, bread) Specialties on order

Place Liedts, 36

details →

Touiss Optique

Wide selection of glasses, sun or correction.

Place Liedts 23

details →


African specialties, fruits, vegetables, ...

Place Liedts, 39

details →

Money gram international money transfer

Exchange and money transfer to all countries

Rue Rogier 147

details →


Coffee, non-alcoholic beverages

Rue Rogier 153

details →

Guinée Food service

Grocery, African product

Rue Rogier, 159

details →


Store cosmetics African

Rue Rogier 163

details →


Hairstyle man / child, shaving and beard style

Rue Rogier 157

details →


Textile shop selling clothing for women

Rue Rogier 151

details →


Chair seat upholstery

Rue Rogier 149

details →


Phone Shop : calls to all networks, fax, photocopying, food

Rue Rogier 145

details →


Shop selling fabrics for furniture

Rue Rogier 134

details →

Et Pourquoi Pas

Hairstyle man / child

Rue Rogier 141

details →

Pizza Pasta del Barrio

Panini sandwich, coffee, tea

Rue Rogier 150

details →

FBS Group

Call store : calls to all networks, fax, photocopying and supplies

Rue Rogier 146a

details →

Biladi Trading

Store furnishing fabrics

Rue Rogier 146b

details →


Hair salon for men, beard, hair style, ...

Rue Rogier 142

details →


Eastern and traditional dresses

Avenue de la Reine 6

details →

Tekince Kebap

Turkish kebab restaurant specialized, Tantuni, and charcoal barbecue

Rue Verte 245

details →

Bnp Paribas Fortis


Place Liedts 37

details →

Pharmacie Faek


Rue Gallait 17

details →



Rue de Brabant 162

details →


Snack fries, hamburger, fries, Bicky, all fast food specialties

Place Liedts 27

details →

Dare Al Houda

Moroccan caftan sales and scarves

Rue D'Hoogvorst 41

details →

Brico City Rogier

Building materials (paint, circuit breaker, socket, cement, sand, etc ...)

Rue de Brabant 30

details →

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